Julian’s Business Tips: Running a Business? Or Jogging Along?

Julian’s Business Tips: Running a Business? Or Jogging Along?

As some of you know, I do a bit of jogging to get some exercise and to enjoy the great countryside around Royston.

An article I saw recently asked the question, ‘What is the difference between running and jogging?’
The author suggested that runners measured what they did – how far, how fast, how long – and would often want to improve those numbers. Joggers on the other hand, did what they did for pleasure and, as long as they got out every so often, would be content.

So that makes me a runner, as I do measure what I do and look to improve my performances over time.
And then I started thinking – the article may have been about exercise, but the same is true for businesses!

Those who measure their business’s performance are more likely to improve it. Well – only if they are measuring the right things! It might be interesting to count how many dogs I see, or how many roads I run across, that won’t make me a faster runner! I need to measure things like the distance I cover or my pace per mile if I want to improve.

So, are you running a business or just jogging along? Do you measure your performance or not? And are you sure that the metrics you are measuring are the important ones?

Firstly, define what your business is there to do, and then identify those ‘key performance indicators’ that will tell you if you are achieving it. Now start measuring them.

Take regular opportunities to review this data to confirm your business is realising its goals, and to confirm you are measuring the right things.

And when you have done that, go out for a run or a walk and feel great about yourself – because work-life balance is also very important!