Julian’s Business Tips: Run a Business, or a Marathon?

I’m writing this as Mollie King, radio presenter and former pop star, is finishing an amazing 500km cycle ride across the UK, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for Comic Relief.

You will be reading this in the April edition of The Listing, the month that hosts the London Marathon – a similar challenge where ordinary people (including several locals) do extraordinary things raising money for charity. I wish them all well!

But hang on a minute! This is a business column – where’s the business angle?

Business owners and managers can learn a lot from Mollie and our marathon runners – here are a few similarities:

Have a goal – make it realistic, but don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. It’s also good to have a reason why you are doing it – raise money, help customers, security for your family – all motivation to help you on those dark days and nights.

Map out your journey – break your journey down into smaller pieces, with achievable milestones along the way

Develop a plan – probably with the help of someone who has done this before, of how you are going to train to achieve those small steps from one milestone to the next.

Make sure you have the resources you need for your ‘journey’ – nutrition and hydration for the runner – what will your business need? More staff? More cash?

Surround yourself with supporters – running buddies, business network friends – all people that understand and want you to succeed, and who you can turn to for help.

Ask for help when you need it, or when the unexpected happens, or when you begin to doubt yourself (because you will).

And finally, believe! Follow the steps above and you will find that you are capable of much more than you thought possible