Julian’s July Business Tips: The Business Ballot Box…

Julian’s Business Tips by Julian Berry… I was going to write something about the election this month, but I couldn’t think where to start!

I could look at the different parties’ approach to business, I could speculate on the likely outcome – but I felt we would all be heartily sick of hearing all that by now!
Most people that I speak to, do not trust what politicians say, candidates only seem to say what they think will gain them votes.

Why do all the parties come out with brilliant, economy-saving ideas once the election is announced – whereas they did little in the previous months?

So that gave me an idea. Imagine that your business was a political party, and you were the Prime Minister, or an MP.

Imagine that all your staff and all your customers were going to vote every few years about whether they stayed loyal to you, or ‘voted’ for your competitors?

• Do you canvas on the doorstep, or do you think you know what everyone wants?
• Do you regularly communicate with your staff and customers – and not just when you want something?
• Do you share with them your plans (policies) for the future, and how it might affect them?
• Are you honest when it comes to owning up to bad news, and then suggesting what you will do to prevent it happening again?
• Do you deliver on your promises, or have you got complacent because you perceive your ‘opposition’ as weak?
• If you were being interviewed on Newsnight, or if there were a leaders’ debate with you and representatives from your competitors, would people ‘vote’ for you and your party?

Your customers actually cast votes every day, so now might be a good time to review your manifesto! Good luck!