Julian’s Business Tips: Running a Business at Home

Julian’s Business Tips: Running a Business at Home

I’ve been talking to several people who want to set up a home business – so here are my ten top tips.

1. Have a plan – a simple one is fine. You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so maybe initially just define your market, how you propose to reach them, and what you expect to happen. Review and refine regularly.

2. Create a workspace at home – When in that space, you and others know you’re ‘at work’ and can stay focussed. Also, you can walk away at the end of the working day!

3. Create a professional ‘front door’. Real or virtual – however customers approach your business, make sure it always looks professional.

4. Make the most of social media. Social media can make you or it can break you – whatever you do it should be genuine, useful to your consumers and always professional.

5. Keep communication consistent – Don’t start what you can’t deliver. The internet is littered with blog writers who ran out of ideas, or website ‘News’ pages that haven’t been updated for years…

6. Become an expert – Never stop learning, continually pick up intelligence from those around you. Keep an eye on what others in your industry are doing, read about successful entrepreneurs and new market opportunities.

7. Get out of the house – Attend networking events, meet people, share your expertise – it’s fun, it stops you going stir-crazy and helps raise your profile.

8. Do what you do best and outsource the rest – It is sad how many businesses struggle because the owners stubbornly want to do everything themselves. Stop it!

9. Follow the golden triangle – Spend a third of your time on each key point: customer care, business development and admin.

10. Oh yes – and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!