Julian’s Business Tips: Clear Road Ahead

Driving to work recently on a wet, drizzly morning, I came upon a queue of cars slowly moving behind a lorry. As I approached the traffic I could see that the road ahead was straight and clear and I didn’t understand why the cars hadn’t overtaken the lethargic lorry.

I approached carefully, pulled out and overtook all three cars and the lorry completely safely.

As I continued my journey I realised that this was a metaphor for business – the reason those cars hadn’t overtaken the lorry was because they couldn’t see that the road was clear. And that was because they were too close, so the spray from the lorry or the car in front was obscuring their vision.

It made me think that, had they just pulled back a little bit and reviewed the situation from a distance, they would have seen that it was clear and been able to overtake, like I had.

It’s the same with your business – as we get towards the end of the year do take time to pull back and look at the situation from a distance, As I said in last month’s article (available at www.thelistingmagazine.co.uk), take time to reflect on your current situation, review your goals and look at the bigger picture.

You never know, you might find that your road ahead is clearer than you thought and that you too might be able to overtake your competitors safely and start next year with a clear business road ahead!

Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my articles this year, I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season, and look forward to sharing more business tips with you in the New Year.