The Listing Case Study: Stewart Bullard and Son

The Listing Case Study: Stewart Bullard and Son

Stewart Bullard and Son started advertising with The Listing at the start of the year. Since then, they have seen their business grow and have noticed a huge increase in enquiries for their services. Read what they have to say about their experience in advertising with The Listing.

Briefly tell us about your business, what you do and what you offer your customers

We are a family run company, Est 30 years ago. We are a diverse company that looks after a large number of educational sites, covering grass cutting, hedge cutting, border maintenance, white lining covering football and all sports markings and other needs. We also carry out hard landscaping projects for the public, including garden design. We also cover field maintenance, rolling, spiking, fertilization, over seeding,.

What were you hoping to achieve by advertising in The Listing?

We decided to start advertising in The Listing for the first time this year, advertising is not something we have really explored before. However, I was very aware that we needed to bring the company forward and get the message out that we are so much more than a company who just cuts grass for a living. The Listing gave us that platform due to the vast number of houses it covers in Royston and the surrounding villages. We wanted to expand on the hard landscaping side of the business as this is something we have not pushed before, it felt like we were not utilising the all the staff’s expertise and the machinery we have.

What measurable benefits have you seen by advertising in The Listing?

The advertising has done exactly what we set out to do, got the message across that we are so much more. We have been inundated with enquiries for our services, covering all aspects of the work we do. The increase in work has been so measurable that we have had to withdraw our advert for July and August as we simply can not take on any more work. We made this decision as our standard and good name are very important to us, we did not want to have to keep saying sorry no we can’t take that on at the moment. However, we will be returning in September!

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