The Listing Case Study: Zanna Newton Pilates

The Listing Case Study: Zanna Newton Pilates

Zanna approached The Listing at the start of lockdown, when her Pilates classes were moved online due to the restrictions. Since then, Zanna has successfully run weekly online classes, which have attracted new members. We spoke to Zanna to find out more about her experience in advertising with The Listing.

Briefly tell us about your business, what you do and what you offer your customers.

I have been running small, friendly Pilates classes for nearly 17 years now. Pilates aims to strengthen the body, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. I focus on ensuring classes are both varied and motivational with the right degree of challenge to encourage and develop my students. I pay particular attention to technique to help my classes progress by exercising correctly to enable them to achieve their maximum potential, whilst still enjoying their Pilates and having some fun.

As restrictions begin to ease, you can now book my popular Zoom classes as well as new venue-based, in-person classes. There is a full weekly timetable of classes, at different levels to suit all needs. Due to the popularity of the Zoom classes I intend to continue with them alongside the regular classes, as it suits many peoples lifestyles, and also attracted clients back who have moved further afield and still wish to attend.

What were you hoping to achieve by advertising in The Listing?

I wanted to let both existing, previous and potential clients know that my Pilates classes have continued as ‘normal’ as possible since the lockdown started at the end of March last year.

What measurable benefits have you seen by advertising in The Listing?

I haven’t tracked the success of the advertisements, however, I know that people have heard of my classes through The Listing. The Listing has helped me attract new customers, which is great!

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To find out more about Zanna Newton Pilates, visit:
Twitter: @zanna_pilates
Facebook: @zannanewtonpilates