Ten Top Reasons Why Print Advertising Works for Local Trades Businesses

The Listing reaches 17,300 local SG8 households and can help you find more customers

Reach your customers direct through their letterbox with effective and affordable local magazine advertising that really works

Ten Top Reasons Why Print Advertising Works for Local Trades Businesses

  1. Local print advertising allows you to find new customers and remind your existing customers that you’re still here
  2. Print advertising is targeted. Your business is being posted directly into local SG8 letterboxes and seen by local residents
  3. People like to buy local where possible.  In order to encourage local customers to buy your products and services, you need to ensure your business is visible locally. You cannot expect people to buy locally if you don’t advertise locally and choose the www instead!
  4.  The majority of people love the look, feel and touch of print publications and keep them. Quality content means the magazines are read, retained and referenced by the community
  5.  A high distribution reach increases your advert’s exposure. The Listing reaches 17,300 homes, meaning advertisers receive a good response
  6. GPS tracked deliveries give you peace of mind that the magazines, and your advert, get delivered through the doors
  7. By advertising in a quality local print publication, your business gains trust and loyalty from local customers. The Listing is a seal of local approval
  8. Advertising in a print magazine is a cost-effective, targeted way to reach so many local people, from less than 1p per household, per month
  9. Just one call or booking can cover the cost of your advertising and leave you with a healthy profit. Take a look below to see what our customers say
  10. Not everyone is online. An increasing number of people are switching off their devices. Web advertising does not reach all sections of the community, especially the over 55s. Generational targeting is key

Wanting to place an advert for your trades business?
We would suggest little and often is the best strategy for you. A big splash to start, budget allowing, to grab attention, followed by smaller, regular adverts Why? Because the repetition builds up trust in you, in your service and in your business. Being in The Listing each month means that residents know where to find you when they need you. The Listing team can help you with advert design too, if needed.


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Why Print Advertising Works for Local Trades Businesses

The Listing offers various local advertising options – both print and digital – and works hard to be price affordable to suit all budgets.

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