Julian’s Business Tips: What Country Do You Come From?

Which country do you come from?

To help us understand our fellow humans, motivational speaker, Mark Gungor, imagines that all people came from four very different countries:

1. The country of Control
This population just wants to get things done; their favourite vehicle is the bulldozer!
They want to be appreciated for what they do. But as we don’t appreciate their ruthless approach, they don’t get what they want.

2. The country of Fun
These crazy people just want to have fun; what we find embarrassing, they find hilarious! Their favourite vehicle is the jet plane; high speeds, no limits.
They love to get noticed, but we react to their behaviour by saying, ‘Oh don’t encourage them!’ So they too are denied what they truly seek.

3. The country of Perfect
These meticulous people want everything to be perfect; they just want to get it right. Their favourite vehicle is the train – needing two perfectly parallel rails or it won’t work.
They want you to be sensitive to their feelings – but the rest of the imperfect world is always offending them – so they often carry a lot of hurt.

4. The country of Peace
These people just want to get along; they hate emotional waves. Their favourite vehicle is the gondola; gliding smoothly on calm waters.
They just want you to respect who they are – but because they are so prepared to concede for an easy life, they are the easiest population to disrespect.

So which country do you come from?

All these countries speak different ‘languages’ – how many can you speak? For success in business, and in life, understand who you are talking to, and which ‘country they come from’. Make an effort to talk to them the way they want to be spoken to, and you’ll be amazed at the difference!