Julian’s Business Tips: Stop Doing Everything

Julian’s Business Tips: Stop Doing Everything

A lot of people who start their own business try to do everything themselves. They’re wrong. Whilst that may seem sensible pragmatism at the start, it is essential that you move away from that model as quickly as you can.

Why? Well if nothing else, to stop you being the biggest limiting factor to business growth, where your business can only achieve what your time and skills can provide.

More importantly, I’m sorry to say that you aren’t good at everything. In today’s world, outsourcing jobs and services is easier than ever – and you must look to this if you want your business to be able to grow independently.

I remember one of the ‘Dragons’ Den’ dragons saying that when she brought her accountant husband into their fledgling business, he insisted that she didn’t look over his shoulder, ‘You’re not the accountant, I am. Tell me what you want, and let me deliver it.’

And that is the key to successful business growth – to realise your limitations and delegate to people who are better than you at those parts of the business.

For me, Richard Branson is one of the best examples of this. In a recent TV interview, he acknowledged his skills – ideas, energy, not taking no for an answer and employing great people.

That last part is the key. One of my favourite quotes (which I think was Branson) is that the best thing a business owner can do is to surround themselves with (the right) experts, and then create the conditions to let those experts excel at their jobs.

So what things that you do well? And which ones not so well? Are there people who can relieve you of some of those tasks? How you might incorporate their skills into your business?