Julian’s Business Tips: Influencing YouTube

Julian’s Business Tips: Influencing YouTube

This month I’m looking at social media marketing of video content.
The goal is to get subscribers or followers. So how do we do that?

Like any marketing communication, content must be targeted if it is going to be successful. Why? Well, these platforms are a huge network of overlapping niche markets and they use sophisticated algorithms to make sure that appealing content is offered to appropriate viewers (because then they can target their advertising, which is where they make their money).

So to get your material to the right people, you have to make it very clear to the algorithm exactly what you are offering, and let it do its work.

Firstly, be clear who is your content aimed at, what service is it offering and what question you are answering.

Then, create a lot of content that consistently delivers those services or answers. Just get a body of work together that you know will appeal to your chosen audience, and quickly publish it. In the case of YouTube, the experts suggest anywhere between 20-30 videos over 2-3 months are needed here.

As the algorithm reviews your content, it starts to understand you – and then it knows where to recommend you, and to whom. And that’s when your views and your subscribers (all ‘qualified prospects’), should really start to grow!
And the longer that viewers stay watching, the more money the platform can make, so if your content keeps people watching, because of its quality or by referring them to other appropriate content, the algorithm will love you and recommend you more!

So there’s no magic, just create lots of appealing content that viewers care about, and watch to the end. And if you do it right, YouTube will even pay you! Now that’s influencing!