Wellness Coaching: Jane Casey – Consistent Goals

Consistent Goals

As you read this, February is looming.

Days are longer and the promise of Spring is in the air. Christmas is a distant memory, holidays are being advertised on TV. ‘Research shows’, that by now, many of us have unfortunately left behind some New Year hopes of maintaining new, positive habits. Life is busy and often we don’t prioritise our needs as life hurtles along.

Maybe our ‘new year’s resolutions’ were too unrealistic to begin with. Small is key. Small, consistent, realistic goals – for YOU!! You can do a full body workout at home in just 5 minutes. No need for gyms or fancy gear. With any goal, I encourage clients to start small. Tiny even! Just be consistent and build on it. It works! New habits and beliefs lead to more of the same. Start today and visualise where you will be in a week’s time. Good luck!

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Jane Casey has been a registered nurse since 1999, and is a qualified wellness coach. She takes a holistic, compassionate and realistic approach that strikes the right balance, for you.

Wellness Coaching can help with:
• Weight Concerns • Eating Habits • Poor Sleep Patterns • Living with a long term condition of the stress of a busy life

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