Spotlight On… 30 Years of Royston and District Community Transport

Royston & District Community Transport Celebrate their 30th anniversary. 

It was back in 1992 that the Secretarial team at Royston Health Centre recruited a team of volunteer drivers, using their own cars, to transport patients to their hospital appointments, who could not get there by other means. In 1994 having grown in size, they moved to Royston Hospital and became Royston Community Transport (RCT).

RCT then merged with the Melbourn & Meldreth car scheme, changing its name to Royston & District Community Transport (RDCT) and later adding in Duxford, Shepreth and Chrishall, covering areas of North & East Hertfordshire, South Cambridgeshire, and a bit of Essex. In 2008 RDCT became a registered charity.

In 2020 RDCT was going strong, with a client list of approximately 1,000 people, averaging nearly 50 bookings a day, when Covid arrived, causing immediate issues regarding passenger and driver safety, and also cancelled appointments, causing a reduction in journeys.

RDCT survived, adapted and updated systems, under the leadership of late Chairman Dr John Hedges along with the trustees, who take on various unpaid roles, and just three part-time staff, plus a part-time bus driver, and of course, invaluable volunteer drivers who cover around 120,000 miles per year!

RDCT continue to provide affordable transport and prioritises all types of medical appointments, including transportation to day centres and other journeys, especially if the patient has no other means of getting to their appointments, for whatever reason. Two wheelchair-accessible vehicles are used daily.

RDCT receive funding from Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Councils, Melbourn and Meldreth, Royston and some Parish Councils, and Thriplow Daffodil Weekend (which RDCT drives for).  Funding is also raised through a monthly lottery, a Christmas Raffle, and support includes M&S, Co-Op, the Masons, and throughout 2024 the charity of The Royston Runners. As well as receiving donations from many kind individuals, all of which are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer driver, days and times are flexible, then please contact RDCT, 
Do you or do you know anyone needing help getting to medical appointments etc, please contact the office to pre-book transport, between 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday. Call 01763 245228 or email also visit: