Wellness Coaching: Jane Casey – Change Your Life For The Better…

Jane Casey Wellness Coaching – Change Your Life For The Better…

My great nanny Esther used to say: ‘the older you get, the faster the time passes’. She was 100 when she died so who goodness knows how quickly those last years flew by!

Most of us are in denial it’s actually June – again! June 2022 no less. June is a great and busy month at Casey Towers. My birthday, Sean’s birthday, mother in laws birthday, nanny in laws birthday, the longest day, the summer solstice and usually a holiday squeezed into this glorious month before the ’nights start to draw in’ (as great nanny Esther always had the pleasure of reminding us)… But enough of that.

As we come to the halfway house in 2022, it has had me thinking about my clients and what they have achieved so far this year. What better time to celebrate change, moving into the second half of 2022 positively.  I find it very difficult to accept the thanks I receive from clients because it is always them who seek coaching from me and always them who put the hard work in.  I just offer guidance, support and challenge their old limiting beliefs, in order for them to move forward leaving old habits behind which no longer serve them well. Wellness coaching helps to rewire our current unhelpful thoughts, in whichever area of our lives we want to improve, so we can live in a more authentic and liberated way.

So far 2022 has seen some of my clients lose weight, cook healthier foods (when they have never cooked fresh foods before), become more active and enjoy it as a part of daily life, and safely reduce and discontinue diabetic medication, anti-depressants and anti-hypertensives (with awareness of their GP), complete first triathlons at 60, set self-protecting boundaries with family, friends, colleagues, feel more confident and assertive, finally complete practical tasks that they feel have been ‘hanging over them’ for years (in one client’s case, 16 years!)… I could go on.

Sometimes just 1 or 2 coaching sessions have been enough for them to feel less overwhelmed and therefore be able to prioritise their thoughts to make positive and life changing progress. My heart is full of love and gratitude as I thank every single client for allowing me to tread this journey alongside them. What a privilege. My clients have made changes they never thought possible, you can too.

Jane Casey has been a registered nurse since 1999, predominantly working in palliative care, and is a qualified wellness coach.

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