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News from Royston Market Traders… Bow Clip Creations Toy Boutique… 

Bow Clip Creations Toy Boutique is a small family run business owned by Emma, (pictured) which started trading on Royston Market in October 2019 as Bow Clip Creations – selling handmade hair bows and accessories.

When the pandemic resulted in the market permitting only ‘essential’ traders to work, this fledgling business had no option but to cease trading for a while. It was during this time that Emma’s daughter Maisie suggested that affordable toys be added to the stall along with the bows, with a view to attracting even more interest from shoppers. As a result the business was re-branded with ‘Toy Boutique’ being added from August 2021 with fidget/sensory games and pocket money toys now increasing what was already on offer.

Bow Clip Creations Toy Boutique has obtained a firm foothold on the market and is proving particularly popular since diversifying the commodities it sells. It is well worth a look if you are looking to purchase birthday presents or just a treat for young children.

Emma attends the market every other Saturday and also can be found at local fairs and events.

Royston Market, every Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-3pm, Royston Market Square