Business Profile: Royston Vets – Grass Seed – Don’t forget to check your pets…

Royston Vets: Don’t forget to check your pets – Grass Seed! 

A grass seed may appear small and harmless however it can cause great problems for your pets. During the summer months when the grass is long, it is common for grass seeds to become trapped in a dog’s fur. If this is not removed the grass seed has the potential to burrow through the coat and into the skin. This will cause great discomfort for the pet which may require veterinary treatment. In some cases, it is possible for the grass seed to travel to other areas of the body, which will make locating it much harder. Grass seeds can also become stuck in the ears, the eyes, or up the nose. Common symptoms your pet may be suffering due to a grass seed are shaking or scratching their ears, limping or licking paws, or sneezing.

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