Business Profile: Royston Vets, Firework Phobias in Pets

Business Profile: Royston Vets, Firework Phobias in Pets

Firework fears and noise phobias are the most common cause of noise phobias in pets and this can affect your pets’ quality of life.

This problem is more common in dogs but can also affect cats and small animals. Managing a pet’s phobia can have a positive influence.

Here are some examples of how to spot Firework Fears and Noise Phobias in your pets: Hiding, vocalising, trembling or shaking, pacing and panting. There are many things you can do to change your home environment to try and make your pet stress free. Keep your dog inside; create a safe space; use a small room with music or white noise to help drown out the boom of fireworks. Bringing their bed, blankets and toys into the room might also make them feel more safe and at ease.

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