Pet of The Month for May – Luna Animal Rescue

Luna Animal Rescue was founded in October 2013. The main aim was to help rehome dogs who found themselves abandoned and without families, in local and national pounds. Since then Luna has successfully rehomed well over 300 dogs, who are happily living with their new families.

Luna has evolved into a bigger family, and has several foster families, mainly in the South East of England (Herts, Beds and Cambs), but also all over the UK.

Fosterers are essential for their work and they look after Luna dogs, cats and small animals in a home environment whilst they wait for their families.

Luna is now a registered charity (charity number 1163839), with a non-destruct policy (they will not put down a healthy well-balanced animal), and all animals that are rehomed through Luna have a lifetime of rescue backup. If an animal has or develops behavioral issues or the adoptive family has a change of circumstances, Luna offers help, guidance, and support wherever possible. Luna works alongside local training establishments to provide support and ongoing involvement with their dogs once they have moved on to their families.

Luna is a foster-based rescue, and their foster families provide vital information during the assessment of all the animals, and provide lots of ongoing training, love and input whilst the animals are with them. Luna rarely use kennels, only ever as a short-term backup, whilst making onward training programs and formulating foster plans.

All Luna dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea-treated and vet-checked and all small animals are neutered and vaccinated and vet checked where appropriate.

This month we feature…

Bali is about a year and a half, and is house and crate trained, and absolutely loves the children in his foster home. He has had some training being out and this work will need to continue. Luna will cover for life any issues with regards to his previously broken leg.

To find out more about this remarkable charity and its work call 07970 800530 email or visit also like and follow Luna Animal Rescue on Facebook: /