Tallulah’s Kitchen… Raspberry and Pistachio Muffins

Tallulah’s Kitchen… Raspberry and Pistachio Muffins

Hello and Welcome to August edition of The Listing.

This month I would like to share with you a recipe for Raspberry and Pistachio muffins. The muffins are quick and simple to make and the topping adds additional crunch and sweetness.

You could experiment with the texture of the topping…in the photos you can see an almost sand like texture but you could choose a more coarse texture for added “crunch!”

Raspberry and Pistachio Muffins
125g Butter
125g Caster Sugar
2 eggs
60g Ground Pistachio (you could use chopped if you prefer more texture.)
125g Self raising flour
100g Raspberries frozen.
For the topping
30g Pistachios roughly chopped.
20g caster sugar
Oven preheated to 180°C

Let’s begin by making the topping. In a heavy bottomed pan, melt the sugar until it becomes liquid. Do not stir, just agitate it gently by tilting the pan. You are aiming to for a liquid consistency and golden brown colour. Remove from the heat as soon as this is archived and toss in the pistachio nuts.

Carefully pour onto some non stick parchment and leave to cool. When cool, simply blitz the pistachio brittle in a blender to a course powder texture and set aside.
Now to the muffins. Cream together the butter and the caster sugar until light and fluffy in texture, and pale in colour.

Gradually whisk in the eggs. Then fold in the flour until thoroughly mixed. Then stir in the ground/chopped pistachios and the raspberries.

Now divide the mixture between 12 paper cases in the muffin tins, and sprinkle over the pistachio topping and pop in the oven for approximately 25 mins until golden brown.

Leave to cool slightly before handling. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea and great company!

Until next time my fellow foodies….

Tallulah Le Fey