Mindful Living by Becky, Chanting Stork Yoga: Season of Renewal

Mindful Living by Becky, Chanting Stork Yoga: Season of Renewal

Welcome to the season of renewal

Springtime brings an uplifting shift in the air, offering a sense of renewed fresh energy and positive expectations, just look at the emergence of spring flowers so visable everywhere

Open your doors and windows to spring, ventilate your house and clear away stagnant energy from the winter months.

A good declutter, is not only good for the soul but it also creates space to fill your home with a new invigorated atmosphere.

But it’s not just your home you can spring clean.

Your Diet
Spring is a great time to bring more greens into your diet and cleanse the body of the heavier sustaining foods of winter.
Lighten your diet by eating more greens! Even try adding these to home-made juices and smoothies too.

Your Body
Breath in the air and do something outside every day. Remember the power of Vitamin D is outside and free!

Your Mind
Use the spring energy to keep your dreams alive! Positive affirmations are the most wonderful way to bring about proactive thoughts that can add value to your life. To read more about setting an affirmation visit my website www.chantingstorkyoga.com
Finally, when you wake up in the morning, say to yourself “No matter what gets done, what gets left undone, I am enough”

Happy springtime, love Becky xxx

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