Looking After You: To be or not to be…Productive?

Looking After You: To be or not to be…Productive?

In this current situation of such an extreme from normal reality for many of us there can be many views on how we should be handling this time we have at home in lockdown.

Social media influences how people “should” be handling this so I wanted to reach out and share my views.

As individuals we all have strengths, and these strengths can be more noticeable at certain times during life.

Some people will use this time to do all the things they had on the “if I had time” list, whilst others will curl up and enjoy a lockdown supply of chocolate, some may even be the most up to date on current affairs and be feeling the anxiety of the situation.

No matter which way you are feeling about this uncertain time it is correct. We are all individuals and we experience things completely differently, so my biggest piece of advice for looking after your wellbeing during this time is to do the things that make you happy, find joy and happiness in the small things. This is the time to just be you.

And however you are in this given moment is the one you should exactly be.

Kim Fletcher