Looking After You: New Year, New Vibes

Heading into a new year may not always be all positive, especially if the festive season has been a crazy one and maybe you didn’t get as much rest as you would have liked and before you know it, you are back to reality.

The pressure of making New Year resolutions are floating in the air. The expectations that we should all be bouncing to the gym, eating healthier or saving more money can be so overwhelming that most of us fail before we have really begun. The past few years I have changed that expectation of what New Year should look and feel like and used the time to simply “streamline my life”.

Instead of focusing on one thing intently and creating so much pressure to achieve it I take a look at my entire life and see what areas I could improve and become more efficient in, healthier or more active. So maybe instead of driving to the shops that are 5 minutes away, I’ll take the walk. Instead of picking up a chocolate bar I’ll grab some fun nuts (not the boring ones), and instead of picking up another scented candle I ask myself if I actually really need it. This way it’s manageable, I can fall off the wagon and then just jump straight back on without giving myself a hard time.

Simply write a list of the areas you would like to streamline and keep that list in the back of your mind when going about your daily life. Little changes add up to massive ones. So instead of the same old resolutions pour some little positive vibes into every area of your life.