Looking After You: An Effective Morning Routine 

Looking After You: An Effective Morning Routine

In a society of stress, pressure and constant connection it can often feel as if an average day is crammed full of “things” that need to get done.

Creating a morning routine to start your day peacefully and efficiently can make all the difference, giving you power over your roles and duties. Here are my morning routine tips to ensure you get the most out of your day…

Mindfulness This can be a mediation practice or simply having your morning coffee outside without distraction. Avoiding any forms of technology for the first 30 minutes can help your mind and body wake in a more calm and peaceful way.

Exercise The morning is a great time to get your workout done, yoga class or gentle walk. Exercising in the morning can improve your mental health by releasing the happy hormone endorphins and oxytocin leaving you feeling ready for the day.

Preparing for the day Spending some time to set your day up is so helpful and ensures a smoother flowing day all round. I do this by preparing my food for the day so I can take it to work, checking my list of what needs to be done in priority order and setting some mini goals of what needs to be achieved today. This keeps me on track and preps my mind ready for the busy day ahead, making me feel in control and excited about what’s in store.

Leaving plenty of time Rushing around in the morning can be something you don’t escape from all day, so ensuring you have enough time to get to work, even making it a productive time by listening to a podcast of something that may help with a project or some self-development.

Everyone’s morning routine will look different but cultivating it in a way that bringa a smoother, more efficient and enjoyable start to the day is the goal here, so get creative and bring in some rituals that make you feel good.

Safe Stay, Kim