Be Sustainable: Plastic Free Bathroom Routine

Be Sustainable: Plastic Free Bathroom Routine

Often when we make steps to go plastic free it can feel extremely overwhelming so starting with one area of your life first can feel much more

manageable so here are my favourite swaps for your bathroom routine… 

Bamboo Toothbrush I favour a bamboo toothbrush for its cardboard packaging and ability to biodegrade, it also feels the same as a normal toothbrush for me so was an easy swap to start with.
Plastic free soap Purchasing soaps wrapped in plastic might very well be a force of habit, so during the next restock be mindful of your choice. Many stores offer handmade soaps without a plastic wrap or just a paper bag/box that can be recycled. For a travel-friendly container, use a stainless steel case to really minimize waste.
Shampoo bars Ditch the plastic bottle and switch to a bar! There are so many eco-friendly options out there that you’re sure to find a product you love. Not only is this a plastic-free bathroom essential they’re also known to outlast standard shampoos.
Stainless steel razor A plastic-free bath and beauty routine isn’t complete without a stainless steel razor. It might seem slightly intimidating at first, but use with care as you would any safety razor and enjoy the long shelf-life of this product.
Plastic free toilet paper An everyday essential, conventional toilet paper often comes wrapped in at least one layer of plastic. Look for Toilet Paper that’s made from eco-friendly materials like recycled paper or bamboo to make your purchase even more sustainable.

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher