Escape to The City – Westminster

Escape to The City – Westminster

This month we are heading to a beloved area of mine, one which I have spent a lot of time in over the past year. Westminster, known for being a bustling government area, is abundant with tourists and civil servants alike. Home to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Supreme Court, there are no London buildings quite as impressive as those found in this borough.
Start the day with an old-fashioned fry up at the Regency Café, located south of Westminster Abbey. Serving a traditional English breakfast in an art-deco style corner café, this eatery is not to be missed. It has featured in many films, including Layer Cake and London Spy.

After eating til’ your heart’s content, take a wander towards the centre of Westminster. If you haven’t seen the famous aforementioned buildings before, this is your chance to be a tourist for the day and snap a few photos. Head to Westminster bridge for a good view of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament. However, my recommendation is to visit the Supreme Court where, if you’re lucky, you can sit in on a live court case. You can visit the Supreme Court free of charge, and watch a case in the public galleries.

From the Supreme Court, take a wander to St James’s Park and grab a coffee from one of the park’s coffee stands. Head to the bridge in the centre of the park for an impressive autumnal view of the London Eye. Continuing through the park, you reach Green Park then Hyde Park, each offering something different. I could walk for miles around these parks, and the autumn colours make this even more appealing.

For food, I suggest a late lunch at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen in Hyde Park. Alternatively, you could head back to Westminster to visit the Cinnamon Club, an acclaimed contemporary Indian restaurant, or Aloo Tama, a Nepalese restaurant.

Talking of which, this marks my penultimate article for The Listing. I am now travelling in Nepal and writing this from Kathmandu! I’ve loved writing Escape to the City, and we’ve loved hearing your stories. If you are a young person at the start of your career and would like to write a monthly “out and about” article for The Listing which takes a new view of an area reachable from Royston or the great outdoors, please get in touch