Business Profile: Royston Vets – Royston Vets Prepare for Less Stress prepare for Fireworks!

Royston Vets: Prepare for Less Stress prepare for Fireworks!

Fireworks can be incredibly stressful for our beloved pets and therefore it is important to prepare to help minimise their stress. Common signs of stress are panting, hiding or withdrawing, not eating or drinking, and pacing or trying to escape. You can help minimise your pet’s stress by walking dogs before it becomes dark or keeping cats inside during the evening, feeding them before fireworks start, and creating a space to hide. It is also important to ensure your house and garden are escape-proof so your pet can not run away if they become scared.  Unfortunately, it isn’t just cats and dogs that experience stress due to fireworks, small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can also be affected. You can help minimise their stress by bringing hutches inside away from the loud noises or bright lights.

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