Wellness Coaching: Jane Casey – Learning to say ‘No’

Learning to say ‘No’ 

People come to me for wellness or health coaching for many different reasons. It may be to seek support regarding a physical aspect of their health, exploring healthier ways to eat or being more active. But so often the ‘old habits and beliefs’ are keeping them in a repetitive cycle, and are partly to do with setting boundaries and learning to say ‘No’ to others.

‘No’ is a complete sentence.  It requires no explanation.  Yet learning to say no (and not feel guilty!) is a skill many find incredibly difficult, frightening or uncomfortable.  However, it is necessary in order for us to protect ourselves and move forward with positivity.  Many of my clients have learned to say no, set boundaries and have ended their coaching journey with me feeling liberated and authentic.  You can too.

Jane Casey has been a registered nurse since 1999, and is a qualified wellness coach. She takes a holistic, compassionate and realistic approach which strikes the right balance, for you.

Wellness Coaching can help with:
• Weight Concerns • Eating Habits • Poor Sleep Patterns • Living with a long term condition of the stress of a busy life

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