Wellness Coaching: Jane Casey – Live for the moment!

Live for the moment

My nanny Esther used to say: ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today’.

It’s a familiar scenario: ‘I will start the diet Monday’, ‘I will get fit after Christmas’, ‘I will look for a new job after my holiday’, ‘I will start coaching in the New Year’.

Many of us adopt a logic that delaying our commitment to a goal is the way to success. Procrastination hinders our achievement and like all learned behaviours, can be unlearned. If you take that first step now, where will you be in a month’s time, as opposed to delaying the journey? Closer towards your goals, that’s for sure.

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Jane Casey has been a registered nurse since 1999, and is a qualified wellness coach. She takes a holistic, compassionate and realistic approach that strikes the right balance, for you.

Wellness Coaching can help with:
• Weight Concerns • Eating Habits • Poor Sleep Patterns • Living with a long term condition of the stress of a busy life

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