Wellness Coaching: Jane Casey – Being Well

Being Well

What does being ‘well’ or ‘healthy’ mean to you?

Health isn’t just about the absence of disease. We can ‘live well’ with a condition or illness. Equally, we might be ‘physically free of disease’, but if other aspects of our life are not in balance, it will have an impact on our physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social health. Being well or healthy means something different for everyone.

We aren’t just physical beings. Wellness coaching can help you to explore new, more helpful and positive ways to live better, think better and feel better, leaving behind limiting old beliefs and habits that have been holding you back.

Taking that first call to action will make you feel more in control immediately.

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Jane Casey has been a registered nurse since 1999, and is a qualified wellness coach. She takes a holistic, compassionate and realistic approach which strikes the right balance, for you.

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