Therfield Heath Conservation

Therfield Heath Conservation

What you might see happening on the Heath in August

August will be a busy month for the Heath! You might see a fair amount of work going on around the site, all of which is occurring to help the ecology of the Heath, and help it continue to be a space for important wildlife species.

• Grass Cutting; some areas will be cut, this may start during August for it be utilised elsewhere, majority of cutting will occur over winter.
• Ground scraping, we have already started this process, this is to remove areas where species such as ground crawling ivy are threatening the chalk grassland species. Work parties will be removing them by hand by digging the areas up and allowing natural rejuvenation to occur.
• Grazing, there will be sheep back on the Heath, they will be within electric fencing and we ask you to keep your dog on a lead when entering these areas.

We are going to be holding a stand at this year’s kite festival to be able to discuss all this great work with visitors and would love to hear your opinions on the Habitat Management Plan which has been produced by our Head of Conservation Cheryll.

Please get in touch if you wish to apply to or please call 07435 489 088

The Listing magazine allows us to connect with everyone in the area on a monthly basis. We encourage those readers to also use our website and Facebook as a great way to access instant messages. Please search “Therfield Heath & Greens” and this will take you to our website and also our Facebook page. Please join us and keep up to date on what is happening and help us celebrate this unique site which is still free to access all year round.