Be Sustainable in September

Be Sustainable in September

This September, Go Organic!

Nature’s hard working bees, earthworms and ladybirds can’t speak for themselves. They have no choice about the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers that are being sprayed on crops, which leads to their decline in numbers. Try to swap at least one more product to organic! Try a new fruit, a different brand, discover organic clothing and beauty products… even just one day-to-day product swapped to an organic equivalent can make a huge difference to our planet!

The Great British Beach Clean runs from 15th to 24th September. Go to to see where there’s a litter pick near you!

World Car Free Day on the 22nd September is a worldwide initiative for motorists to take a break from driving and explore alternatives. Giving up your vehicle may not be the most convenient way for you to get about, but it is the best way to reduce oil consumption. It really is possible to go for an entire day without needing the car!

September is the month for reaping the rewards of your hard work. Many crops, such as runner beans, potatoes and raspberries are ready to dig and pick. You can still sow some seeds ready to enjoy over the coming months. Spinach, Spring Cabbage and Pak Choi can all be started now undercover to protect against the cooler nights. Salad crops can still be sown and harvested as a baby leaf variety and also nutritious microgreens. Pat yourself on the back with your own harvest festival meal including all your home grown garden ingredients.