Be Sustainable in January…

At New Year we think about making resolutions to change our lives in ways to enhance our health and wellbeing or even bigger changes that may be long overdue.

Big challenges like joining a gym or starting a small business require support from family, friends and outside sources and sometimes major events in our lives are the catalyst for those ventures rather than a single date on the calendar, but there are smaller ways in which we can make changes that will impact positively on our day to day living and ultimately our planet. “Take The Jump” is a community based organisation which offers ideas and tools to help make those small changes from refusing to buy new items or clothing to holidaying without using air travel

With January comes Veganuary, and adjusting the way you eat could become a lifestyle change that stays with you from now on. Sometimes families find it hard to make drastic changes to their daily menus, but it’s worth introducing meat-free and dairy-free meals occasionally and encouraging children to try alternatives. Over the years there have been big changes in the freezer section and supermarkets offer all kinds of tasty plant-based, kid-friendly alternatives.

In the garden, our hedgies are still sleeping, but if there’s a warm spell they might be tempted to wake early so please do keep an eye open for them and make sure you have some hog-friendly food in the cupboard ready for their ferocious appetites. Hedgehogs are definitely not vegan! Also, look out for those first snowdrops pushing through – a sure sign that spring and longer days are on their way.

Happy New Year! From the Sustainability Team