Be Sustainable in December…

Be Sustainable in December…

It’s that time of year again and no one wants a Christmas that becomes a burden to everyone or falls on just one or two people.

Sharing is definitely the way forward to make the festivities enjoyable, affordable and, of course, sustainable. Please bear in mind that the ideas put forward here are aimed at adult family members. Kids get a free pass to have the best day ever!

Secret Santa has become a work-place tradition over the years, but this could be applied to a large or blended family. Around this time of year all the names go in a hat and everyone gets to buy one meaningful gift for an agreed budget, ideally to be opened when everyone is together for a festive gathering. Everyone needs to be on board and it does work very well. It saves so much in terms of time, cost, waste and clutter and is really fun to do.

Communal Christmas Dinner works wonders for the family cooks – unless you have a veritable Gordo or Nige in the household who insists on doing absolutely everything themselves. But even so, why not ask each friend or family member to bring something for the feast? Crackers (both varieties!) and snacks, chocolates and sweets, things to drink, posh teas and coffee, biscuits and mince pies, even prepared veggies… the list is endless and unique to your own clan. If everyone brings a favourite board game too the smartphones can be put to one side
Let’s not forget our garden visitors. Keep up with your hedgehog-friendly chores over the holidays and stock up on fat balls and seeds for wild birds to see them through the leaner months.

Have a Companionable Christmas!
From the Sustainability Team