Be Sustainable in November…

Be Sustainable in November

National Tree Week starts on the 25th November.
Trees are our clean air super heroes, supporting our wildlife while producing oxygen and being just so very beautiful and therapeutic. While the trees are still looking gorgeous and golden, it’s a good time to celebrate everything that they do. Visit to find out how you can learn about how trees work for us and get involved with the campaign to plant more of them.

With climate heroes in mind, take a few minutes to calculate your carbon footprint. As the colder nights draw in and our homes need heating and lighting artificially, it’s well worth completing this simple quiz:

To help reduce waste and fast fashion, visit a Christmas Jumper Swap to find your festive sweater ready for the party season.
In an ideal world fireworks would be taboo, but many enjoy celebrating Guy Fawkes Night so please consider going to an organised community display. There are so many benefits including safety and cost effectiveness. Leave your pets shut indoors with soft light, calming music, a gentle lavender oil diffuser (well out of their reach) and the curtains drawn tight shut against the commotion.

Hedgehogs are getting ready to hibernate in your carefully prepared garden debris piles so please leave food out for them to help build up their fat reserves for their long sleep. You can choose to buy specialist hedgehog food, but you can also leave out meat-based cat and dog food or meaty cat biscuits:
If you’re very lucky you can catch them chowing down!

Happy Hedgehogs!