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The Professional Golfers’ Association tries to get more women golfing…

1507 Golf photoThe PGA is embracing Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign by striking out with a bold bid to get more women playing golf.

It has launched its own This Girl Golfs with aims of the campaign including breaking down the myths and misconceptions that might deter women from picking up a club and giving golf a go.

Golf campaign and Sport England’s This Girl Can Coach initiative, is playing an active role in recruiting new golfers, particularly women.

And research by The PGA reveals that golf ticks many of the boxes that women are looking for when it comes to an activity, particularly the emphasis on the social side and being able to play a sport with friends and enjoy a drink and a chat afterwards.

Chris Hattersley, PGA Professional Instructor from Kingsway Golf Centre runs Ladies sessions on Tuesday mornings. He commented that in the last year the group has grown to over 35 members regularly taking part and take up of his “Learn Golf in a Day” classes is higher from women than men.

Local Golf Clubs and Centres include:

Kingsway Golf Centre
Cambridge Road,
Melbourn SG8 6EY
01763 262943
Royston Golf Club
Baldock Road,
Royston SG8 5BG
01763 242 696
Heydon Grange Golf Club,
Heydon, SG8 7NS
01763 208988
Barkway Park Golf Course
Nuthampstead Road,
Barkway SG8 8EN
01763 848215