Business Profile: Royston Vets: Fleas and Ticks

Royston Vets: Fleas and Ticks

Spring is here, but with hotter temperatures and more time outside, this also means an increased risk of a flea and tick infestation.

Fleas are tiny insects that live by sucking and consuming blood. Only a small number of fleas are normally present on dogs and cats, as the most will stay in the environment until they are hungry. You can prevent these problems by keeping up to date with household sprays and flea treatments. Ticks are a different type of external parasite.

They commonly climb on the tip of grass or bushes and wait for the next dog or cat to stick to. At that point, the tick will cut the skin of the host, and start sucking the blood. These parasites are particularly nasty because they can transmit serious diseases.

Many flea treatments are effective as tick treatments as well. Don’t forget to regularly check the coat of your dog or cat.

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