Royston Cave 2022: A Year of Discovery

Royston Cave 2022: A Year of Discovery

With the summer holidays fast approaching, this month, St Christopher, our patron saint of travellers, is taking centre stage.

We’ll be examining his prominent position in Royston Cave, what his carving might suggest and why it may link to Royston’s ancient crossroad; Icknield Way and Ermine Street. We’ll also be exploring the theory that the cave was a wayside hermitage: the home of a recluse called a hermit, who may have guided travellers coming through the area and prayed for their safe passage. These articles will be available to view online.

And we’ll be publishing a 2012 report by Philip Lankester, former curator at the Royal Armouries, who was commissioned to try and date the cave’s carvings based on the style of their dress, crowns, swords and shields. Learn about the style of the depictions, when that style became prominent and where we can find similarities through history.

Plus; lights, camera, action – we’re launching a YouTube channel! While a lot of our content is currently written, we understand that everyone learns and engages differently. So, for the first time, we’ll also begin uploading short, educational videos for you to watch at home, presented by our guides. We just need to find our best angle!

Of course, as always, tickets for tours of Royston Cave are available to book all summer from our website;

Royston Cave opens every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday until 25th September 2022.