Therfield Heath Conservation – Benches and Burial Mounds on the Heath

Therfield Heath Conservation – Benches and Burial Mounds on the Heath

Therfield Heath contains a number of important archaeological remains, which together form one of the best surviving ancient landscapes in the county. The remains include a Neolithic long barrow and associated Bronze Age barrow cemetery (all scheduled); a length of Iron Age boundary ditches known as The Mile Ditches (also scheduled); medieval stock pens, ridge and furrow ploughing, and cultivation terraces are also known.

The Conservators have a responsibility legally to ensure the historic elements which are scheduled are kept in good condition. We do this by removing scrub and reducing anti-social behaviour where possible on them. Due to the importance of the mounds, we have made the decision to remove the benches on top of two of the burial mounds. There has been a large amount of erosion occurring where the benches are placed, and this has the potential to damage the burial mounds further if it is left.

The decision hasn’t been taken lightly due to the importance the benches have to the community but with the support from Historic England and Natural England we are taking this step.

We will however be looking for new benches to be installed just off the monument areas to replace the seating and viewpoints and would invite members of the community if they wish to apply for a memorial seat at this point. Please get in touch if you wish to apply to or please call 07435 489 088.

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