Community News: Record Repairs for Royston

Record Repairs for Royston

Royston Repair Café – the free community repair service – has recently been both breaking records and finding ways to keep other records (the vinyl kind) in use for longer.

At their last repair session in May, volunteer repairers fixed a record 80% of broken items brought in for free assessment. Successful repairs included a travel cot, lawnmower, toy box, hole punch, digital clock, laptop computer, and a stool with wobbly legs.

Meanwhile, in a new partnership with the team at Revolution Records vinyl and CD store in the town centre, Royston Repair Café members are offering to try to help people with broken amplifiers, hi-fi equipment, and turntables. Bringing this equipment back to life will mean owners can blow the dust off their old vinyl to enjoy some musical memories and make new ones.

The next Royston repair event is on Saturday 19th August at Coombes Community Centre from 2 – 5pm. Advance booking is essential to make sure the right repairers are available, and broken items – including amps, decks and headphones (one per person) – can be booked in online from August 1st at

In case of difficulty, contact Chris Lee on 07962 157589