Mindful Living: What You Really Need

Mindful Living: What You Really Need

“Celebrate by relaxing and aligning your body and mind with what YOU really need”

June certainly feels like a month filled with wonderful reasons for celebrations with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Summer Solstice!

As the world has been a pretty overwhelming place of late, make sure you dedicate some much-needed time off amongst all the celebrations this month.

Why not use this time as a chance to treat yourself to a much-needed pick-me-up?
Honouring your successes – even the micro-ones – and be your own hype person, by asking yourself, what is the best reward I can give myself in this moment?

If it’s some quiet time, give yourself the gift of a restorative weekend and enjoy the abundant daylight hours by spending lots of time outside. Embrace all that nature has to offer by staying up late gazing at the stars and blend in with nature by eating outside, pack a picnic or head to the park.

Let go of any kind of FOMO by not comparing yourself or your life to others, you don’t need to be at every party, BBQ or pub just because you have time off work.

However, if spending time with others and connection makes you feel alive, then spend time with those you love, walking, talking and hey maybe even doing some partying and dancing like nobody’s watching. Surround yourself by those who lift you up.

As for me, I will be enjoying this auspicious time by embracing any summer sunshine we get blessed with, dipping my toes into some open water swimming; Box End Park is a great place for this by the way, and replacing the words ‘I am feeling tired’ with ‘I am feeling happy”

With love, Becky x
Experienced Yoga Teacher, Chanting Stork Yoga
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