Looking After You: Sustainable Tips You May Not Know

Looking After You: Sustainable Tips You May Not Know

To continue on from last month’s article on tips to live a more sustainable life, what else can we do to be more earth-friendly that doesn’t require lots of money and using resources we may already have?

3. Eat Less Meat and Dairy

51% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture contributing directly to putting our planet in crisis so where possible try and eat less meat and dairy in your diet and use local butchers where they can tell you where the meat has come from.

4. Food Wastage

Food waste dumped on landfill sites produces methane, the powerful greenhouse gas that is 25 times more damaging to the environment than C02 and a major contributor to climate change. So thinking twice about throwing food away can have a huge impact. Save veggie scraps to make veggie stock, get creative with food that you would normally throw away or compost your scraps. There are some great kitchen compost systems that degrade food waste quickly in sealed containers that can be transferred to outside compost heaps.

5.Banks and Investments

Often banks invest your money in companies that are adding to our climate crisis, so being conscious where you are putting your money. Banks such as Co Op and Triodos are transparent about their investing and are doing some amazing work by putting money into climate conscious companies instead. 

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher