Looking After You: Self-Massage Techniques

Looking After You: Self-Massage Techniques

During times of stress, we hold unwanted tension in our bodies that can cause severe aches and pains, and with massage centres closed at the moment, it feels like nothing can help these aches and pains to ease. Self-Massage is a great way of tending to these tense areas as well as giving yourself some much needed self-care.

Here are some simple techniques for the most common stressed areas:

• Shoulders and neck – laying down on your back, place your hands behind your neck, using your fingers and thumb apply gentle pressure around the area and release any tension held in the shoulders, neck and base of the head

• Face – using your thumbs pointing downwards, apply gentle pushing to pressure points along the brow bone, repeating several times, then continue lines starting in the middle of the forehead working in lines up to the hair line. Repeat these pressure points to help release tensions for headaches.

• Feet – massaging the feet can instantly release the rest of the body using pressure points on the soles. Placing one thumb on top of the other, apply pressure in points from the heal all the way up to the base of the toes, working in lines from the big toe to the little toe. Repeat several times for ultimate relaxation.

Stay Safe, Kim

Kim Fletcher