Looking After You: Mindfulness as More Changes Happen…

Looking After You: Mindfulness as More Changes Happen…

As we transition into another stage of this pandemic it is easy to feel overwhelmed by simply having more options which may turn into more demands.
A sense of self-care is so important when going through uncertain times. Being mindful on how you are feeling is a great way to keep certain worries in check.

Making time for yourself
It’s easy to quickly fill your diary with lots of exciting things to only realise you haven’t had chance to even enjoy them. A great way to tackle this Is to book something in that gives you time for you. Maybe a solo coffee, yoga class or massage. Having something in the diary you commit to will be exciting without missing out on some valuable self-care time.

Remembering your intentions
Staying true to your thoughts and feelings through this unexpected time can really help with how to plan for the future. Remembering what you have learnt and the things that you wish to keep in your life and the things that would be positive to let go of.

Surround yourself with positive people
Spending time with family and friends that bring you joy is important during this time, the change that is taking place can bring up feelings and being around positive people can really help you open up about your thoughts and concerns.
Speeding up our lives to the same tempo before the pandemic might not be something you need or want at this moment in time, stay connected to yourself and listen to what your feelings are saying to help you make good decision that brings a sense of calm.
Safe Stay,

Kim Fletcher