Looking After You: Give Yourself Love

Like everyone it seems these days my life is rather hectic, balancing work life and home life can be more than just a challenge it can be a work of art, a juggling act of perfect precision with time, energy and everyday demands.
Yoga has taught me to stop. To be in the present moment and that just breathing is sometimes all you need.

Being a newly qualified teacher I translate that as much as I can to my students, which is easy when you are relaxed on a yoga mat with peaceful surroundings and someone giving you the permission to totally let go, but what about off the matt? What about in everyday life? What about at work, at home or trapped in a traffic jam?

Self care or self love has quickly become clear to me that the “selfish” presumptions of the term is far from the truth, in fact we are starving ourselves, extremely dehydrated from lack of self-love. Think about it, if you take more time to give yourself more love and care then surely that can only spread into more love and care for the people around you. So what is this self love malarkey? I believe that the answer to this is open to interpretation; it’s all in the name “self-love”. Self being YOU, what do you LOVE? It could be yoga, the gym, reading the latest poem book, growing tomatoes, soaking in a bath or sitting in a dark room.

Whatever it is that your inner self enjoys and loves, anything at all that enriches the soul…DO THAT!