looking after you: Declutter your life, reduce stress

Looking After You: Declutter Your Life, Reduce Stress

Stress plays a huge part in how we feel and go about our daily lives. Coping with stress long term can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health and wellbeing. So taking active steps to reduce areas of demand and unnecessary commitments can really improve your health and how you feel overall.

Reduce your commitments There are some things that we must to do that maybe we would prefer not to do, but is there something that doesn’t seem to bring you much joy, or may even bring you dread each time you see it in your diary? Can you release a commitment from your schedule to give you time to do something that does bring you joy and helps give you time to unwind and reduce stress?

Digital clear out We all benefit from technology but often that can fall into overuse and could be the cause of anxiety or depression. Deleting apps, organising your inbox or setting screen time limits can all be useful tools to keep technological demands as low as possible.

Declutter your home We all know the saying “tidy house, tidy mind” and in my experience this is absolutely true. If you’re feeling out of sorts, put some time aside to clear the wardrobe out, organise the kitchen or tackle that junk drawer that keeps getting ignored. You will be amazed at how good you feel that you’ve got your home in order, creating a more relaxing and streamlined life.
Plan your week Do you run out of time or find that doing the food shop is just too stressful? Look at your week ahead and plan down what you need to do and when would be convenient times to fit it in. This can then avoid the stress of running out of groceries or forgetting something important. Tasks will then get completed whilst you remain stress free.

Decluttering and organising small parts of your life may seem like a huge effort but can really free up space for you to find some time for you, to destress, unwind and find joy everyday.

Safe Stay, Kim