Be Sustainable: Zero Plastic Survival Kit

Be Sustainable: Zero Plastic Survival Kit

Living a plastic free lifestyle definitely takes effort and organising, so here is what to put in your zero waste survival kit to ensure you can skip out on using single use plastic.

Cotton bags Make sure you have a stash of reusable cotton bags by the front door, in the car, at work so they are easy to grab and you won’t ever need to consider using a plastic bag.

Metal water bottle Fill yours up at home to save having to buy water in a plastic bottle on your journeys, also saving your pennies.

Reusable coffee cup This is a great investment if you travel a lot and use coffee shops regularly. Alternatively use a cup that you have at home or even a mason jar with a homemade fabric heat cover are great options and very inexpensive.

Metal or bamboo cutlery There are some great options for travel cutlery for those of you that find yourself eating out often, or even simply carrying a standard fork and spoon from your kitchen is just perfect and doesn’t cost anything.

One more thing to pack is your determination and commitment to this lifestyle! It is so easy to accept that plastic straw or single use coffee cup one time, but accepting it once means it is easier to do it again and again. Making the commitment to reduce plastic where possible as much as you can will be the active steps we can all take to minimise the plastic pollution problem we are facing.

Safe Stay, Kim

Kim Fletcher