Looking After You: Are you suffering with mask acne?

Looking After You: Are you suffering with mask acne?

Mask acne, or Maskne, as its been named is breakouts and acne as a result of wearing a face mask. This can include redness, pimples, irritation and breakouts or spots. A mask traps in moisture and humidity from breathing and sweating, this causes an environment for bacteria to grow. The friction from wearing a face covering can also cause acne but irritating the skin and encouraging breakouts and spots.

Here are some tips to help manage your Maskne:
• Wear a clean mask as much as you can and only wear it when you really need to.
• Ensure you are washing your face morning and night to keep it clean as much as possible.
• Avoid wearing make up underneath your face mask.
• Introduce acne products into your skin routine to help combat the build up of bacteria on the skin, a face pack would be a great place to start 1-2 times a week.

Wearing a face mask can also result in sensitive skin so be mindful of the detergent that you wash your mask in. Also a synthetic fabric can irritate your skin and cause sensitivity and redness so opt for a cotton face mask.

Looking after your skin now can ensure that when we get to take our face masks off we can feel confident that our skin is happy, healthy and looks flawless.

Safe Stay, Kim
Kim Fletcher