Looking After You: 12 Days Of Wellbeing At Christmas

12 Days of Wellbeing at Christmas

1. Letting Go
I’m letting go of the ‘perfect Christmas’ myth I’m going to work on enjoying the festive season with all its imperfections and chaos.

2. Asking For Help
I don’t have to ‘do it all’ this Christmas and then feel overwhelmed and resentful.

3. No More Pleasing
I give up on trying to please everyone this Christmas.

4. Body Acceptance
Every day I’m working on showing acceptance and gratitude for the body I have.

5. Magic
I’m going to pause to embrace the fun and wonder of Christmas.

6. Connection
I’ll be proactive and reach out to friends, neighbours, family.

7. Humour
I’m working to see the funny side of things.

8. No Dieting
I am not depriving myself or labelling foods as ‘forbidden’ this Christmas.

9. Time Out
I’m taking some time out for myself when things get hectic.

10. Drink Awareness
I’m choosing how much alcohol I drink, showing awareness for its affects on my mood.

11. Valuing Time
I am not feeling pressurised to buy loads of stuff that we don’t need and then worrying about paying for it. I know that spending time with friends and family, whilst creating memories is more important.

12. Happiness
I am embracing the Christmas spirit and allowing myself to enjoy this time of year without passing judgment.

Kim Fletcher