Julian’s Business Tips: Difficulties Or Opportunities?

Julian’s Business Tips: Difficulties Or Opportunities?

You don’t need me to tell you that lockdown has been difficult for many businesses. But Einstein famously said, ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’, so here are some opportunities you may like to grasp:

1. Relaxed rules
In some cases, the government has eased regulations to help stimulate business, such as allowing pubs and restaurants to offer takeaway food and drink. Make sure you take full advantage of the ones that apply to your business.

2. Do big things
If your business still can’t open its premises, take advantage of them being empty. This is a perfect time to carry out decorating, improve your infrastructure or upgrade facilities.

3. New ways of trading
If you have always focused on your bricks and mortar business, now could be the perfect time to investigate your online offering. And if your core business isn’t one that can operate online, are there new, complementary online strands that you could offer in the future?

4. New ways of working
Seeing how many businesses have adapted to working from home – is this an opportunity for your business? Yes there are limitations, but might there be some innovative middle-ground that could positively impact your business?

5. Reflect
Ultimately, take time to think – to look at your marketplace. Look at how it has been affected – and who seem to be the winners and losers. What did they do?
Have your customers’ buying habits changed? It’s all well and good saying, ‘When this is all over…’, but I believe the effects of COVID-19 will be with us for months to come, if not years. The world is changing – you will need to be agile and able to change with it.  If another lockdown comes, will your business be ready?

I hope that you are all keeping healthy and safe – don’t forget to keep your business healthy and safe too.