From Tallulah’s Kitchen: Flapjacks

From Tallulah’s Kitchen: Flapjacks

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Listing. This month’s offering was written a while ago when we were initially put in Lockdown because of the Coronavirus. Initially I turned to the kitchen to bring a touch of comfort and familiarity in uncertain times. With a full house in social isolation nothing lasted long, so quick and easy recipes were the order of the day. These flapjacks are simple to make and judging by the speed they were “snaffled away” they must have hit the spot!

250g Jumbo oats
125g Butter
125g light brown sugar
3tbsp golden sugar
100g sultanas
You will also need a greased 20cm square tin and the oven set to 180°C

Let’s begin by gently melting the butter, sugar and syrup in a saucepan over a low heat until the sugar dissolves and everything comes together in a smooth liquid.
Stir in the oats and sultanas until all the liquid has been incorporated and there are no patches of dry oats. Now pour the mixture into the baking tin and gently level the surface of the mixture. Pop into the centre of the oven and bake for approximately 15-20 mins until the top has a golden brown colour and the centre is “wobble” free. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes. Whilst warm, but not too hot, take a knife and mark out the desired portion size. (I chose 4×3 giving me 12 fairly large size portions) Leave the flapjacks to cool completely in the tin before trying to remove them. Enjoy with a nice cup of tea!

Until next time my fellow foodies…

Talullah Le Fey